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a beam of light
Slowing down the speed of light

In February, 1999, physicists from The Rowland Institute for Science in Cambridge, Massachusetts, achieved a phenomenal and path-breaking scientific f…

ozone layer recovering
The Ozone hole is recovering

For those born before the year 2k, you would have heard of the constant cry about how the ozone layer is depleting. The Earth’s atmosphere has 5 main …

nuclear disposal space
Disposing nuclear waste into space

Nuclear waste or radioactive waste is a type of waste that contains radioactive materials. These unintended radioactive materials are a by-product of …

solar eclipse
The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

On Sunday, 26th February 2017, the earth would witness its first solar eclipse to have happened in 2017. According NASA, this special kind of solar ec…

noise cancellation
How does Noise Cancellation work?

Noise cancellation, also called as Active noise control is a technique, in which unwanted ambient sounds are reduced by an addition of a cancelling so…